Wexler Group виходить на ринки темних нафтопродуктів України Wexler Group виходить на ринки темних нафтопродуктів України

The Wexler Group has begun the sale of the road bitumen produced in Belarus. The company expects to sell not less than 10-12 thousand tons of road bitumen per month. The strategic goal of the group is at least 20% of market share.


As of now, the company has long-term contracts with Belarusian producers, however, the group is already working on deliveries from Poland and Russian Federation. As the General Director of Sunrise Logistics,Oleg Yaskivets, noted, the logistics instruments of the Group gives possibility to provide a customer with a good quality product at a competitive price in the right place.


New places of sale shall be organized. First of all, we expect to get credible customers using our logistics, flexibility and fast decision-making. Wexler Group has a well-developed logistics which allows to compete effectively. We expect to get our profit on high turn over but not on a big margin, "as Yaskivets noted.


Today, the bitumen market is growing, that's why the Group sees it as a forward-looking market and is already exploring opportunities for starting a business for its own oil refining. "Our strategic goal is to reach the end-customer. In the future, within the framework of this goal, we are thinking about own production of road mixtures." - said Yaskivets.


For developing sales of dark oil products, the company has organized its own specialized truck fleet. The company is also looking forward to enter the market of fuel oil. The company has already signed internal contracts, the import agreements shall be concluded in the near future. "At any moment, as soon as the electricity producers will require the purchase of fuel oil - we will immediately provide it. If suddenly there will be an urgent delivery of fuel oil, we are ready to consider the option, including sea shipments," Yaskivets said.


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